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The Fisherman's Son

What would you do if your lifelong dream suddenly came true overnight? What if it quickly became your biggest nightmare? What if you suddenly found yourself alone and afraid- with no one you care about and not knowing who you could trust? Would your principles hold true, even with no one there to see, and at the risk of losing your life?

The Fisherman's Son
is the epic tale of a boy who is swept away from his home by a series of unfortunate events and misunderstandings. He is brought aboard a merchant ship involved in shady business, and the fabric of his character is repeatedly tested. This unique and touching tale illustrates the importance of relationships, and the way the wise words of a father can stand the test of time and space, and stay with someone long after they are gone.

Travel the seas with this young sailor as he fights to survive and struggles to return home. Does he have what it takes to stay alive in the midst of his merciless captors, without compromising his values? Will he ever get home?

This simple story is packed full of adventure and life lessons for all ages.