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Gardening and Landscaping Tips for Seniors That Won’t Break the Bank

Gardening and Landscaping Tips for Seniors That Won’t Break the Bank

Growing a veggie patch or seeing a garden come to life is a rewarding experience. But it can also be quite a bit of work, requiring an educational background to get everything right, so your garden can flourish (without having to spend an arm and a leg, of course). Kristy Crandall invites you to read on for some interesting gardening tips and facts regarding the wonders of nature and its effect on the environment and our green

Finding a System that Works for Your Family

Not all schedules are created equal

I have always found schedules to be a bit of a challenge. On one hand, structure and routine is helpful for setting expectations and creating a natural rhythm during the day. On the other hand, life is unpredictable (especially with children), so there needs to be a certain amount of flexibility or a schedule can add to the frustration and stress instead of taking it away. So, while creating a schedule for your own family, it is important to account for the p

Peace for a World at War

The world is in chaos.

Countries are firing missiles at one another; governments are struggling to control divided, and increasingly less cooperative, populations; people are up in arms against each other, and truth is evasive.

I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day, who spoke of peace as the ultimate ideal. Of course, everyone wants peace. Everyone wants to go to sleep at night knowing that they and their loved ones will wake up the next day to a world they want to live in. And yet,

An Introduction to Homeschooling

Homeschooling has been a somewhat ambiguous idea for most people in the past. There have been a lot of narratives pushed about the homeschool lifestyle with varying levels of credibility. Some are good, some are bad; many tend to be more of the exception than the rule. Nevertheless, the stories that have been spun lead to some confusion among outsiders as to the true nature of homeschooling. This book is an attempt to remedy that, and to encourage parents that, though daunting, homeschooling is

The Academic Case for Homeschooling

“…Last, but not least, every child wants to know. There they are, those desires, ready to act on occasion and our business is to make due use of this natural provision for the work of education. We do make use of the desires, not wisely, but too well. We run our schools upon emulation, the desire of every child to be first; and not the ablest, but the most pushing, comes to the front. We quicken emulation by the common desire to get and to have, that is, by the impulse of avarice. So we offer pr

Intangible Currency and a Simplified Life

I've wrestled with this a lot. Because, the world measures worth in money, achievements, and busyness. In the absence of one, it makes sense that one would need to double up on another. As a stay at home mom with no significant financial contribution, aside from what I save us in would-be childcare, fast food costs, and skincare expenses, I've tried to increase my "value" in other ways.

I have come to understand that everything is limited- time, strength, mental and physical energy- like a kind

Real-World, Experiential Learning

“The history of education shows that up to 50 years ago, education was principally geared towards getting a job. That’s no longer the case, it seems. If we could agree the purpose of education…, then we can agree the curriculum to fulfill that purpose. Everything else follows. And there may be more than one purpose and there may be more than one curriculum. One size doesn’t fit all. ”

Children should know more than how to fill in bubble answers when they leave school. They should be confident i

Childhood Learning Environments and Their Impact on Emotional Intelligence (and why it matters)

A young boy rides home from school, alone on the school bus. His face and clothes are dirty from being pushed down on the playground at recess; he spent lunch with his teacher, because a classmate falsely accused him of stealing a pudding cup. Today in class, he learned about all of the injustice in the world, and that his classmates don’t like it when he does well on tests. He learned to keep to himself to avoid trouble. Tired and embarrassed, he declines to answer questions about his day over

Everyday Learning

Human beings, and especially children, learn every day. We know this, and yet it is easy to forget that most of the learning that is done does not involve textbooks. As human beings, we learn who we can depend on, who is a reliable source of information, who can dependably get a job done quickly, how a person will react to unexpected information, and what a person’s priorities are. We learn who we can trust and who we can’t. Children are the same way.

In the life of a child, the people they are

Discover DIY Projects for Creative Learning and Family Bonding

In the hustle of daily life, carving out family time becomes a precious goal. Home improvement projects present a unique opportunity for families, especially those who homeschool, to come together in a meaningful way. These activities shared by Kristy Crandall not only beautify your living space but also foster stronger family connections through shared experiences and creativity. Dive into these engaging DIY projects that promise fun, learning, and memorable family bonding.

Imagine turning a d

Tips for Making Your Self-Care Plan Budget-Friendly

Author and blogger Kristy Crandall provides encouragement on the bad days, sources of

inspiration on the good days, and a reminder that you are not alone in your

homeschooling journey. Connect with Kristy today to learn more!

With the current economic climate, it can be difficult to find ways to practice self-care

when you’re on a budget. However, there are several simple and affordable ways that

you can take care of yourself without breaking the bank. For better self-care that won’t


Cultivating Tomorrow's Leaders: Tips for Empowering Your Child's Potential

As a parent, you have the unique chance to mold future leaders by fostering leadership qualities in your children early on. Your guiding influence lays the groundwork for their future success. Embark on this empowering journey to shape the leaders of tomorrow with these tips from Kristy Crandall.

Your journey as a parent and a leader intertwines when you lead by example. Consider enhancing your own education, like pursuing an online master's degree in nursing. This move not only advances your c